• Don't be too hard on intelligent household
      • Before we get into the business, we still went to the simple mention of apple HomeKit smart home platform. Apple's smart home platform HomeKit caused quite a stir after launch.

    • Xi jinping in Brazil's congress speech
      • Xinhua Brasilia on July 16 (Chinese President xi jinping, 16 in Brazil's congress issued a "carry forward the traditional friendship Marty natalegawa "speech with cooperation
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    Xi jinping in Brazil's congress speech

    Respect card out Mr Ross senate President,
    Dear Mr Mayer, vice President,
    Respect of Mr. Alves speakers,
    You friends, distinguished guests,
    Ladies and gentlemen, friends:
    Cloth, o da ji! Good afternoon! Today, the chance to come to Brazil's congress, with friends together, feel very happy. Chinese believe that, if decree by destiny, again far also can meet, is called "as if by predestination".
    First of all, on behalf of the Chinese government and Chinese people, and in my own name, to all my dear friends, to the Brazilian people warm and friendly, to the Latin American and Caribbean countries people, sincere greetings and best wishes!
    Just now, I met with the card column senate President Ross and ?
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